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Creating Appealing Interiors…

Creating Appealing Interiors…

Creating appealing interiors to inspire productive employees

With companies taking an increasingly collaborative approach to work, there’s a greater need for flexible workspaces and for a creative approach to designing offices that suit the changing dynamics of today’s workforce. Tony Cahill, executive director at Vivark, offers best practice advice on completing a bespoke fit for purpose refurbishment and looks at why creating an appealing interior environment is just as important for prospective clients, visitors and the team as maintaining the exterior.

“Many modern-day refurbishments, rebuilds and refits aim to deliver maximum value for clients that are growing increasingly concerned about green credentials and the overall efficiency of their properties. But, this desire to create eco-friendly structures may have resulted in some companies taking their eye off the ball in terms of adapting workspaces to ensure staff feel valued and comfortable.

“Research from bodies including the World Green Building Council* demonstrates that office design has a genuine impact on employee health, wellbeing and productivity. In turn, wellbeing – the ability to develop professionally, work productively, comfortably and creatively and build positive relationships with co-workers – has been shown to be key to increased employee engagement**. Therefore, ensuring a workplace interior is entirely suited to its occupants’ needs should be a prerogative for any facilities or estates manager when coordinating an office fit out.

Organising an office

“Office configuration is vital for improved wellbeing. It’s imperative that the space reflects the business’ routine operations. Here flexibility, in line with the working style of many employees, is often required. Workspaces need to be configured so that breakout areas are readily available for informal meetings, brainstorms, and perhaps also phone calls. Taking away the main distractions for the 21st century office worker, i.e. computers and emails, even for a short time, helps with concentration and creativity, as well as taking any confidential conversations away from the main hub of the office.

“Such design modifications also benefit employers financially. Offering a space better suited to the patterns of occupants’ use may provide space savings of around 25 per cent from a traditional workplace (where space utilisation is often as low as 50 per cent).  These savings can be offset and utilised elsewhere, or can enable future expansion without extra costs.

“Research from the World Green Building Council*** indicates that access to large amounts of light, or natural light, leads to contented workers. An interior planning expert can help to organise the office space so that as many workstations as possible are close to windows to make use of any natural light available. Connected to wellbeing is health. According to Northwest University Washington***, those who work with an external view and exposure to daylight take 6.5 per cent fewer sick days than their equivalents who don’t. Well planned office configuration could be said to be linked to decreased absenteeism, a true benefit for both employers and their clients. On an eco-friendly and energy saving note, increased levels of natural light also reduces bills by lowering electricity use.

Every little helps

“Of course, modifications and adaptations don’t have to be implemented on this scale. Even smaller alterations can have a positive impact on how appealing a workspace interior can be.

“Ensuring that the office environment is perfectly suited to employee operations, provides space away from workstations and stimulates the senses is an effective – and often relatively simple – way to boost wellbeing and in turn, productivity and effectiveness. An after effect of this is, of course, that clients and guests visiting the premises are impressed with the levels of care shown and even more so, with the excellent results that the workplace may allow staff to generate.”



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February 2016

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